Major of Economics

    1、Program Objective: This program aims to cultivate applied talents with strong basis of economic theory, good master of modern economical analytical approaches and wide knowledge scope, who can adapt to the social economic needs and do the work of economic analysis, predicting, planning and economic management in the comprehensive management departments, policy study departments, financial institutions and enterprises.?
    2、Program Requirements: Students of this major mainly study the basic principles and knowledges of economics. They need to know about the operational mechanism of market economy, the economic guidance, policies and regulations of the party and nation, the history and current status of world economy, and the most advanced academic development of economics. In addition, they need to possess the ability of making social economic research, economic analysis and practical operation with the aid of quantitative analytical approach and modern technoliogical measures, have strong skill in speaking and writing, and master a foreign language.
    After graduation, students should have the following knowledge and skills: 
        (1).  Master the basic principles of Marxist economics and modern western economics.
        (2).? Grasp the analytical methods of modern economics and have the strong ability of computer application.
        (3).? Know about the academic development and application prospects of economics in the world.
        (4). ?Know about China’s economic regime reform and economic development.
        (5).  ?Know about the national economic guidances, policies and reguations.
        (6).? Know how to do literature review on world economics and collect data and build up certain skill in doing economic research and practical work.?
    3、Main Subjects: Economics
    4、Major Courses: Political economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International economics, Literature review on On Capital, Statistics, Econometrics, History of Economics, Development economics, Regional economics, Industrial economics
    5、Major Practical Learning: Experiment courses, Specialty internship, , Graduation internship, Graduation thesis, Social practice
    6、Major Specialty Experiments: Accounting Course experiment, Econometrics course experiment
    7、Length of Schooling:4 years
    8、Academic Degree Granted:Bachelor Degree of Economics
    9、Course structure:
        General courses:? 30.5 credits
        Basic courses:? 46.5 credits
        Core courses:? 12 credits  
        Elective courses:? 38 credits
        Public electives:? 6 credits
        Practical courses:? 27 credits
    In total: 160 credits, including 121credits for theory courses (occupying 75.6 percent of total credits) and 39 credits for practical and experimental courses (occupying 24.4 percent of total credits). The proportion of elective courses is 36.4 percent.

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