Major of Marketing

    1、Program Objective: This program aims to cultivate the comprehensive and applicative marketing management talents with the spirit of exploring, innovation, pursuing and globalizing, who grasp the basic theories and practical knowledges of economics, management and marketing, can adapt to the requirements of marketization, informationalization and globalization on marketing intellectuals, possess high-level occupational moral and development potential, have the basic skills in marketing practices and studying domestic and foreign markets, and can do marketing management work in enterprises and public affairs organizations. 

    2、Program Requirements: Students of this major mainly study the basic principles and knowledges of marketing and business administration. They need to develope their comprehensive skills in analyzing and solving marketing problems through obtaining training in the approaches and techniques of marketing.
    After graduation, students should have the following knowledges and skills: 
        1).  Master the basic principles and knowledge of management, economics and modern marketing.
        2).  Grasp the qualitative and quantitative analytical methods of marketing.
        3).  Master the basic principles and knowledge of computer, data-bases and internet.
        4).  Have strong ability in speaking, writing, communicating, organizing, coordinating and leading.
        5).  Know well China’s relative policies, laws and legislations in marketing management and those in international marketing.
        6).  Possess high skills in foreign language, computer application and adapting to the needs of E-business marketing and internet marketing. 
        7).  Keep updated with the most advanced theoretical development of this major. 
        8). Know how to do literature review and collect data, and have the basic ability of doing scientific research and practical work   
        9).Possess the basic capability of obtaining knowlege, information and innovation independently.
    3、Main Subjects: Economics, Business administration
    4、Major Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Statistics, Consumer behavior, Market research technology, Financial management, Economic law, Management information system
    5、Major Practical Learning: Specialty internship, Graduation internship, Graduation thesis
    6、Major Specialty Experiments: No
    7、Length of Schooling:4 years
    8、Academic Degree Granted:Bachelor Degree of Management
    9、Course structure:
        General courses:  30.5 credits
        Basic courses:  41.5 credits
        Core courses:  10 credits  
        Elective courses:  43 credits
        Public electives:  6 credits
        Practical courses:  29 credits
    In total: 160 credits, including 121.5 credits for theory courses (occupying 75.94 percent of total credits) and 38.5 credits for practical and experimental courses (occupying 24.06 percent of total credits). The proportion of elective courses is 36.88 percent.

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