Major of Administrative Management

    1、Program Objective: This program aims to cultivate the specialized talents who are fully developed in morality, intelligence, phisical status and capability with knowledge in political science, administrative management, management, law and social science, and can do management work or research work in public service organizations, party organizations, firms, or social organizations.
    2、Program Requirements: Students of this major mainly study the basic principles and knowledges in political science, administration, economics, management, law and social science. They need to develop their skills in administrative management and doing preliminary research with the training in public policy analysis, social survey and statistics, foreign language, public document writing and office automation. 
    After graduation, students should have the following knowledges and skills: 
        1).Master the basic principles and knowledge of political science, administration, economics, management, law and social science.
        2).Grasp the basic views and analytical methodology of dialectical materialism and historical materialism as well as the scientific approaches of making statistical analysis,  survey and policy analysis.   
        3).Have the basic ability of doing administration work in party organizations, government agencies, enterprises or public service organizations.
        4).Get familiar with the relative Chinese laws, regulations, policies and systems.
        5).Know about the latest theoretical development of administrative science and that of political science, management science and law science.
        6).Grasp the basic methodology of research review and data collection, and build up the practical ability of doing the work in scientific research, organizing and implementation. 
    3、Main Subjects: Politics science, Management science, Law science
    4、Major Courses: Principles of management, Principles of politics, Social science, Administrative management, Human resource development and management, Current China’s political system, Public policies, Guiding theory of law, Public relations, Comparative political system, Government economics, Information management system, Public organization, Municipal administation, Official documents writing
    5、Major Practical Learning: Military training, Specialty internship, Summer vocation internship, Graduation internship, Graduation thesis, Experimental courses
    6、Major Specialty Experiments: Office automation, Electronic government affairs
    7、Length of Schooling:4 years
    8、Academic Degree Granted:Bachelor Degree of Management
    9、Course structure: 
        General courses:  30.5 credits
        Basic courses:  36 credits
        Core courses:  10.5 credits  
        Elective courses:  50 credits
        Public electives:  6 credits
        Practical courses:  27 credits
    In total: 160 credits, including 121 credits for theory courses (occupying 75.6 percent of total credits) and 39 credits for practical and experimental courses (occupying 24.4 percent of total credits). The proportion of elective courses is 42.3 percent.

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