Major of International Business Program

    Program Objective: This program will use advanced original English textbooks and students will be taught in English by professors with international background. This program aims to cultivate international business management talents with cross-cultural educational background and good knowledge of international market, who can understand international business rules and practices, and enable to work at multinational corporations, foreign affairs business departments, foreign-based enterprises in China and etc.

    Program Requirements: Students of this major mainly study the basic principles of international business management and operation. With the professional training in modern enterprise management in the international business area, they need to be capable of competing in the international market with good psychological qualities and innovative abilities, and communicating both in English and Chinese for business activities.

    After graduation, students should gain the following knowledge and skills: 

      (1)Learn about international economic development trend, and master international business rules and practices.

      (2)Be familiar with economic development status and trade policy of major countries or regions worldwide.

      (3)Be ready for the participation of international market competition with good psychological qualities and innovative abilities, and have strong social adaptation abilities and business communication skills.

      (4)Have basic skills of dealing with international business affairs and be able to conduct international business activities both in English and Chinese.  

    Key Subjects: Economics, Business administration

    Major Courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Communication& Information Management, International Marketing, Financial Management, Buyer Behavior, Brand Management, Business Ethics, International Economics, Electronic Business, Organizational Change, Strategy and Corporate Governance, International Dimensions of Human Resource Management, Trade and Business Finance, Global Business Project Management, International Accounting Issues, Strategic Marketing and Planning, International Banking & Finance, International Management Practice

    Length of Schooling4 years

    Degree: Bachelor of Management

    Required credits for the graduation: 138 credits

    Course Structure:

    Chinese culture and basic courses: 36 credits

    Basic courses of international business: 21 credits

    Professional courses of international business: 51 credits

    Internship: 30 credits

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